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Author Biography

Christy Bobsein

Christy Bobsein

Director, Veterans Certification Office



Christy Bobsein has worked in the Veterans Certification Office at University of Maryland Global Campus since 2012. She has held several positions within the Veterans Certification Office, including senior certification specialist, assistant director for Chapter 31, assistant director of training and process improvement, and assistant director for the Veterans Certification Office. In 2019, she transitioned to her current position as director of the Veterans Certification Office, where she manages a team of school certifying officials and assistant directors who ensure the timely certification of courses to the VA, serve as liaisons between students and the Department of Veterans Affairs, and manage compliance with the VA and State Approving Agencies. Prior to joining UMGC, Bobsein worked as a field representative for UMGC Europe and Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University at their downrange locations in Kuwait.

Bobsein received her Bachelor of Arts in foreign languages from Radford University and she holds a Master of Arts in art gallery and museum studies from the University of Leeds. Having grown up as a military dependent in Germany, she knows firsthand the impact an education can have on the lives of servicemembers and their families.