University of Maryland Global Campus is proud to offer open educational resources for many of our academic programs.

Open educational resources are online resources that come embedded in a course. They are accessible to all students who take the course at no additional cost. An open educational resource can take the form of an electronic textbook, a website, or a social bookmarking platform that allows you to discuss, share, and review information relevant to the class.

Convenient Access to Course Materials

We've replaced nearly every textbook for undergraduate courses with no-cost electronic resources and we plan to replace nearly every graduate textbook with no-cost eResources as well. Instead of having to buy expensive textbooks, you'll use customized materials such as:

  • Electronic textbooks
  • Websites
  • UMGC Library resources
  • Software
  • Interactive exercises
  • and more

You'll be able to download many of the resources, and they'll be updated with the latest industry information. You can access all undergraduate course materials within your online classroom as soon as your classes start.

At UMGC, our goal is to serve adult learners around the world. We embrace innovation and opportunities to make learning easier for our students and improve their educational experiences. Research shows that students learn better when they're able to access all of their materials directly in the online course, so we're removing the traditional barrier that expensive textbooks can present.

This move toward open educational resources was made possible in part by a grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

Monique Wardrick

At UMGC, it's not just, 'Let's take all of the materials and make it accessible online.' It really is a fully integrated educational experience.

Monique Wardrick

Veteran, Air Force

Communication Studies Bachelor's Degree

Accessibility Services

Learn more about how UMGC makes course materials accessible for students with disabilities by visiting Accessibility Services in the Current Students section.