DETC Course Listing

Training and Learning with Multimedia (DETC 620, 3 Credits)
Prerequisites: OMDE 606 and DETT 611. An overview of the use of digital media in a variety of educational settings, designed to identify properties, strengths, and weaknesses of multimedia in different learning contexts. The basic psychological processes of perception, understanding, and learning with multimedia are introduced. Focus is on multimedia and instructional design for online learning systems, such as learning management systems or stand-alone learning objects. Hands-on experience with several multimedia applications is provided. Topics include collaborative learning technologies, open educational resources, the impact of multimedia on learning outcomes, methods of multimedia evaluation, quality assurance, and project management of e-learning initiatives.

Emerging Technology Trends and Issues in Distance Education and E-learning (DETC 630, 3 Credits)
An examination of emerging and advanced technologies that affect teaching and learning, as well as areas of support and management, in the field of distance education. Topics include emerging synchronous and asynchronous technology functions, mobile technologies, and social media tools for development and delivery, as well as technologies used in providing learner, faculty, and managerial support to distance education. Technologies are explored critically in both a theoretical and applied contexts. Analysis covers trends and critical issues associated with the adoption of such technologies.