A Truly Online Experience, Built for You

Online learning is not a sideline or an afterthought at UMGC—it's what we do. We're confident you'll see the difference that makes in our online learning experience. Designed with input from industry experts, our courses are specifically created to be delivered within a fully collaborative virtual classroom that prepares you for today's digital business environment.

UMGC has been driving innovation in online education for more than 20 years. We were among the first universities anywhere to offer web-based courses back in 1997. Since then, we've been honing our expertise and refining our use of technology to deliver a more seamless and satisfying online learning experience for all our students. It's part of our ongoing mission to make a high-quality education available to everyone, everywhere.

Say Goodbye to Textbooks

At UMGC, when we say "online," we really mean it. We've replaced textbooks with no-cost digital materials in nearly every course. These resources are tailored to each course and updated with the latest industry information. Instead of having to buy expensive textbooks, you'll use customized materials such as

  • Electronic textbooks
  • Websites
  • UMGC Library resources
  • Software
  • Interactive exercises

You can access your course materials from any device within your online classroom as soon as your classes start.

Study on Your Time

You won't have to log in at set times at UMGC. Most courses have weekly or biweekly due dates for assignments, but it's up to you to log in when it fits your schedule. Whether you like to study a certain day of the week, on weekends, in the morning, or late at night—even if you're overseas or in a distant time zone—you'll be able to fit your classes into your life.

Learn from Scholar-Practitioners and Industry Experts

Your online classes are taught by highly successful and experienced scholar-practitioners who are leaders in the fields they teach, and eighty-eight percent of our graduate school faculty have terminal degrees. You'll benefit from their diverse insights and gain the practical knowledge and real-world industry skills that employers are seeking. UMGC faculty also understand the challenges faced by working adults going back to school, and they’ll work with you to help ensure your academic success.

Collaborate with Students and Faculty

Online learning doesn't mean you're learning on your own. You'll find many opportunities to contribute to online discussions, work on group projects, and interact with your fellow classmates and professors. Some programs are offered in a cohort format, meaning you'll learn alongside the same group of students for your entire program, helping you to build strong friendships and networking relationships.

Focus on Fewer Courses at a Time

We offer eight-week sessions for undergraduates, so you can focus on fewer classes at a time while still staying on track toward earning your degree. Many graduate courses are offered in a six-credit format, so you'll be able to focus on one class per semester. Find out about our flexible scheduling options.

Learn about LEO, Our Online Classroom

UMGC's online, interactive classroom offers many features to provide you with the best learning experience. Learn more on the Learning Experience Online page in the Current Students section.