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UMGC Career Connection
Top Career Services Blog Posts of 2021

Jennifer Tomasovic
By Jennifer Tomasovic

There is no doubt that 2021 was not shy of career news and trends. From The Great Resignation to mastering the virtual interview and to learning how to network again, here are some of the top blog posts from your UMGC Career Services team in 2021. 

4. Step Up Your Video Interview Game

If the pandemic has taught us one thing, the workforce can be productive teleworking. As more employers are allowing employees to work from home, employees have become more comfortable being on camera. Of course, collaborating with your coworkers via Zoom is a bit different than trying to impress your future boss while interviewing from your living room. Learn how to maximize your video interview game in this blog post

3. VMOCK Helps Ali Alnaqeeb ‘20 With His Career Advancement

Are you familiar with the tools and resources available to UMGC students and alumni to help you on your career path? Whether you are a career changer or climbing the corporate ladder, read how VMOCK helped UMGC alumnus Ali Alnaqeeb finesse his resume to help him get the attention of hiring managers to help him land a job in his career field.  

2. Four Ways to Get Back Into the Networking Game

The introduction of the COVID vaccine helped people feel more comfortable resuming face-to-face activities. However, after more than a year of hiding behind their video cameras, many may need a refresher before resuming pre-pandemic networking activities. Read more on how to brush up on your in-person networking skills before hitting the ground running. 

1. Five Ways to Successfully Job Search Post-Pandemic

In 2020 the pandemic forced many companies to decrease their workforce footprints. However, in 2021, employees took charge of their careers. With millions of Americans taking charge of their careers and leaving their jobs this year for the quest of greener pastures, learn more on how to successfully search for a job in today’s career climate.  

Remember, no matter what stage of your career, be sure to check out the latest UMGC Career Services tools and resources on CareerQuest. Hungry for more career content? Check out more career-boosting content on the UMGC Career Connection blog