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InScribe and UMGC Successfully Partner To Enhance Student Connection and Success

Bob Ludwig
By Bob Ludwig
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Denver, CO and Adelphi, MD - June 13, 2024 — InScribe, a leader in game-changing digital community solutions, announced a partnership with the University of Maryland Global Campus (UMGC) today. UMGC selected InScribe’s digital community platform to improve connections, engagement, and persistence among its diverse and global student body. Initially launched as a pilot program, UMGC saw significant positive outcomes, leading to an institution-wide adoption.

InScribe’s digital community platform was integrated into the UMGC’s Learning Management System (LMS) for the Program and Career Exploration (PACE) courses during the pilot phase. These introductory courses are the entry point for all new UMGC students, focusing on essential skills such as communication, teamwork, and professionalism while helping students align their academic programs with professional goals and career opportunities.

The integration of InScribe into PACE courses gives all incoming students a virtual space where they can come together to share ideas, seek advice, and build relationships with each other.  There are currently 8,000 students active in the UMGC PACE community with participants coming from countries around the world. During this pilot, UMGC studied the impact on student success, finding that those with access to InScribe had a 24% higher completion rate compared to those who did not.

“We’re thrilled to partner with UMGC to help them advance their commitment to adult students around the world. Our pilot demonstrated the significant positive impact digital communities have on student engagement and success,” said Katy Kappler, Co-Founder and CEO of InScribe. “The platform offers the critical ability to connect students so they can build authentic relationships and find support anytime they need it.”

UMGC is renowned for offering flexible, accessible, quality education to adults in the workforce and the military. It is the largest public online university in the U.S., with more than half of its 90,000 students affiliated with the military, including active-duty servicemembers and their families serving around the world, members of the National Guard and veterans.

“The incredible success of our pilot program with InScribe confirmed how critical it is to facilitate connection and community among our students. We are excited to expand our partnership to offer program-level communities, academic support spaces, and new solutions for student clubs and affinity groups” said Matthew Belanger, Vice President of Student Engagement & Achievement at UMGC.

The data UMGC receives from InScribe will also help inform institutional decisions to enhance student success. Key metrics such as high-priority topics, popular questions and conversations, and patterns of student participation will allow UMGC to identify new ways to support students throughout their learning journey.

“The integration of InScribe has not only improved learner support and sense of connection, it also provides us with key data to make informed decisions that directly impact student success. We are excited about the potential to further personalize and enhance the educational experience for our diverse and global student body,” said Dr. MJ Bishop, Vice President of Integrative Learning Design at UMGC.

About InScribe

InScribe is a digital student support platform that leverages the power of community and artificial intelligence to connect students with the answers, resources, and individuals they need to succeed. InScribe's digital communities cut across the traditional support silos in higher education, giving students a single place to turn when they need help—no matter the topic or time of day. Students benefit from on-demand, peer-to-peer, and student-to-expert collaboration which helps them feel more connected, increasing student engagement, satisfaction, and retention. Learn more about InScribe at

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