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UMGC Spring 2023 Commencement: Celebrating Achievement

Mary Dempsey
By Mary Dempsey
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The newest diploma holders at University of Maryland Global Campus (UMGC) celebrate the power of the pursuit.  

More than 13,400 students across the United States, its territories, and 22 other countries met UMGC’s degree requirements during the academic year that began in summer 2022, with some finishing their degree programs quickly, applying transfer credits to accelerate their pathway. Others took a slower journey while working full time, raising families, completing military deployments, or coping with life’s twists and turns. The youngest graduate is 18-year-old Jacob Chen, who earned a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science. The oldest is octogenarian Moses Njau, who received an MBA.

To showcase the students and their achievements—and to accommodate military-affiliated students serving abroad—UMGC graduation ceremonies span the globe. The biggest commencement activities will unfold in Maryland, where about 2,000 students registered to take part in Grad Walk—with family and friends right there with them—from May 11-14.   

UMGC was created for adult learners, many of whom return to school after years away from a classroom. Among this year’s graduates are a Jamaican immigrant who started her life in deep poverty and now holds a Bachelor of Science in Cybersecurity Management and Policy and a woman who will receive her degree in finance, 30 years after her first college foray was interrupted by a financial setback. Numerous servicemembers among the graduates are using their degrees to transition to the civilian workforce.

The Class of 2023 includes people whose academic journeys included births and deaths, family upheaval, and grave medical challenges. They stayed the course.

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