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UMGC Career Connection
What Can Career Services Do for You?

Rhoda Smackum
By Rhoda Smackum

As a UMGC student or graduate, you have lifetime access to the University’s complimentary career tools and resources. Whether you are entering the workforce, changing careers, or climbing the corporate ladder, UMGC’s Career Services is here to support you at any point in your career. Continue below for a closer look. 

Access CareerQuest

To get started, you’ll first want to create a profile in CareerQuest, the UMGC Career Services portal. This platform is the gateway to all Career Services has to offer, including: 

  • 24/7 access to the best career resources and tools 
  • Upcoming career webinars, recruiter sessions, and career fairs 
  • Opportunities to gain experience 
  • The Community Connect Program 
  • UMGC Career Advisors 
  • ...and more! 

24/7 Access to the Best Career Resources and Tools

UMGC’s career tools are accessible via the Tools tab in CareerQuest. These tools provide students and alumni assistance with their resumes, upcoming interviews preparation, career research, and professional development. Some of the many CareerQuest tools include: 

  • Vmock Aspire: Offers automated resume and LinkedIn critique, and uses five different benchmark versions. Users receive a score and specific feedback on how to improve their resume and advice on how to stand out to recruiters on LinkedIn. 
  • Vmock Elevator Pitch: Offers feedback on responses to questions, facial expressions, body language, and tone to help you excel in interviews. 

Career Webinars, Recruiter Sessions, and Career Fairs

UMGC Career Services hosts a number of career events throughout the year. Each month, there is a live webinar on a specific career-related topic featuring industry guest speakers. Topics range from the best strategies for changing careers, how to create a resume that works for you, tips for networking, and more. These monthly webinars are recorded and can be accessed via the CareerQuest Webinar Library (under the Tools tab). 

Throughout the year, the Career Services team holds events where students and alumni can connect directly with recruiters from premier employers throughout the country. Virtual Recruiter Sessions take place three times each year, and an annual Career Fair happens each spring. These events feature organizations interested in hiring UMGC talent and are a chance to identify the next step in your career. 

Visit the Events tab in CareerQuest to view and register for upcoming UMGC Career Services events.

Opportunities to Gain Experience

Students and alumni can use CareerQuest to find their next professional opportunity. When you visit the Open Positions tab in CareerQuest, you’ll find a job board with more than 5,000 job and internship openings related to UMGC academic programs. 

Then there’s InternPlus, the UMGC Career Services initiative focused on helping students get experience they need for their resume that works for their busy schedules. These internship resources help you become more competitive in the job market. InternPlus opportunities include: projects, virtual internships, volunteer opportunities, part-time employment, staffing/temp agencies, contractor opportunities, traditional (full-time) internships.  

The Community Connect Program

Expand your network and connect with UMGC students, alumni, and industry professionals by joining Community Connect, a program designed to help you receive career guidance and mentorship throughout your career. These professional relationships will help you expand upon the skills acquired during your UMGC coursework and apply it to your career. Community Connect offers two types of connections: 

  1. Quick Connect: One-time, 30-minute meeting. More of an Informational Interview. 
  2. Extended Connect: six-month mentorship with specific milestone reminders. More of a mentor relationship. 

The program allows you to search for someone to connect with based on your professional interests, military affiliation, and more. Once a connection is established, you all will decide if your meetings will take place in person, online, or over the phone.  

UMGC Career Advisors

Another great UMGC Career Services resource available to you are its people. A team of Career Advising Specialists is ready to assist with your career goals and aspirations. Visit the Career Advisors tab in CareerQuest to schedule a phone, email, or video appointment with a Career Advising Specialist today. 

As always, keep in mind that UMGC Career Services is available to help you plan and achieve career success. Visit CareerQuest today to take advantage of the many resources available to you. 

Rhoda Smackum is a manager in Career Services and Alumni Relations at University of Maryland Global Campus. She has approximately 28,000 hours of work experience in the field of career development. Ms. Smackum enjoys working collaboratively, in partnership with students and alumni to identify career issues, match values with career choices and obtain meaningful work. She holds a Master of Arts degree from Bowie State University and a Bachelor of General Studies degree from the University of Maryland College Park. She is a Certified Master of Career Services (CMCS) and an Associate Certified Career Coach.