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UMGC Career ConnectionTop Career Services Blog Posts of 2020

Jennifer Tomasovic
By Jennifer Tomasovic

In 2020, you may have had more time on your hands for reading. So did many of your fellow alumni. Here’s the top four most popular blog posts on the UMGC’s Career Services Connection blog according to readership.

#4.   InternPLUS Offers Opportunities for the Pandemic and Beyond

Employers are looking for candidates with hands-on experience. Internships are the gold standard for trying on a new position, field or industry for size. Through InternPLUS, UMGC partners with employers to create flexible and creative internships for UMGC students and alumni to help prepare them for the careers of their dreams. This blog offers you a view at what’s available through InternPLUS to help you reach your professional goals. Read now.

#3. Career Fair Prep 2020

While the 2020 Career Fair is long gone, the UMGC 2021 Virtual Career Fair is on the horizon—and it’s never too early to get ready. Log on to CareerQuest  to explore UMGC’s career tools and resources available to help you with your career strategies. Then, you’ll be prepared to hit the ground running in 2021. Read now.

#2. Tips to Take Your Resume from Good to Great

Could your resume use an overhaul? If you have one, the answer is probably yes. That’s because resumes should be living, breathing documents that you adapt as your experience, expertise and goals change. In this blog, you’ll learn tips on how to transform an ordinary resume into one that gets noticed for all the right reasons. Read now.

# 1. Leveraging Your Skills for Freelancing

Freelancing is on the rise. If you’re like millions of Americans, you may be considering dipping your toes in the water with a freelance gig. The blog post offers five strategies for getting started. Read now.

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