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Refresh Your Resume with These Tools

Jennifer Tomasovic
By Jennifer Tomasovic

Could your resume use a reboot? If so, you’re not alone. If you can’t remember when you last reviewed it, it’s time to dust it off and add any new accomplishments, skills or experience you’ve gained recently so you’re ready for anything.

“It’s important to keep your resume current so you’re prepared to take advantage of any opportunity that comes your way,” says Francine Blume, UMGC Assistant Vice President of Career Development.

In honor of International Update Your Resume Month, here’s an overview of all of the resume-boosting tools available on CareerQuest to help you keep your resume fresh, current and ready for prime time.

Quick-start resume tools

Although this month is dedicated to updating your resume, it’s also a great time to create one from scratch if you’re just starting out with your career. Begin with the Resume TutorialThistool walks you through the basics, including the purpose of a resume, defining your job goals, different resume formats and tips for creating a resume that will get you noticed by employers.

Then, you can create your first draft using the Resume Builder on CareerQuest. This easy-to-use resume template guides you through each section of your resume. When you’re done, you’ll have a polished resume that you can share digitally or print based on your needs.


Could you use another set of eyes and a fresh perspective on your resume and your LinkedIn profile? Simply run both through the VMOCK tool. You’ll receive an instant resume assessment and a critique of your LinkedIn profile—feedback you can incorporate when you update these important career tools.

“Vmock allows you to select the career type of your choice, and it uses that information in its evaluation,” notes Blume. “This means you get more personalized feedback to help you put your best foot forward to get the attention of recruiters.”

Bonus resume webinar

Looking for even more great resume tips? Watch the Creating a Stand-out Resume webinar for a deeper dive into the key elements of a resume and how to leverage it to get ahead in your career.

“Whatever tools you decide to use, the most important thing you can do is make sure your resume is up to date and ready to go at a moment’s notice,” sums up Blume.

Visit CareerQuest for the latest and greatest access to career tools, resources, and information.