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UMGC Career ConnectionRefresh Your Resume to Impress

UMGC Student Communications
By UMGC Student Communications

Are you looking for a new job? Fortunately, UMGC’s CareerQuest has everything you need to elevate your resume and find the next position on your professional journey.  With September celebrating International Update Your Resume month, check out the latest information and best practices from your UMGC Career Services Advising team to ensure your resume is ready to impress to help you land your next career opportunity.

Updating your resume matters

It’s important to always keep your resume current because you never know when a great opportunity is going to come your way. Update at least once a year and anytime you have additional job responsibilities, education, or skills you’ve developed.

Leveraging CareerQuest tools to create a dazzling resume

CareerQuest offers UMGC students and alumni many career-boosting tools, with several specifically designed to help you create the best resume possible.

  • UPKEY can help when you’ve never written a resume before and need to jumpstart the process.
  • Candid Career and the Webinar Library contain terrific videos with resume preparation tips.
  • VMock provides feedback on your resume content and format as well as tips on how to improve it. The information you’ll receive can help you quantify your experience, identify soft skills, and use the strongest action verbs you can on your resume.

Once you’ve got your resume finalized, turn your attention to your LinkedIn profile, which you should also keep current. VMock’s Aspire module can help you enhance your LinkedIn presence by giving you tips on how to create a stronger profile that attracts the right people to help you get ahead in your career.

Finding your new move with CareerQuest

Now that your resume is ready to mesmerize hiring managers, it’s time to find your next career move. CareerQuest has more than 4,000 job listings by employers looking to hire UMGC students and alumni.

Thanks to an integration with Handshake, the variety of positions posted on CareerQuest has expanded. Handshake, powered by UMGC Office of Career Services, is a platform designed to connect you with employers seeking to hire UMGC students and alumni for various internship and job opportunities.

Taking strategic actions

No matter where you are in your career progression, tried-and-true job seeking advice still stands. Your UMGC Career Services Advising team recommends that you:

  1. Apply for multiple positions you’re qualified for with employers you respect.
  2. Customize your resume and cover letter for each position.
  3. Continue your networking efforts in addition to using CareerQuest tools.
  4. Be patient.

You got this!

For additional information on how to take your resume to the next level, check out the upcoming resume webinars hosted by your UMGC Career Services team.