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UMGC Career Connection
Job Searching in the Digital Age

Raelynn Grasso
By Raelynn Grasso

Technological advances have changed the way we search for jobs. The internet provides global access to potential employers and their open positions. However, while access to information and researching companies is now easier, there are still some important things to keep in mind. 

Get Started

To get started with your job search, let people know you are job hunting by tapping into your network. This is something you can do in person or via social media platforms. From a digital perspective, it’s a great idea to follow and connect with companies on LinkedIn to learn about their corporate culture, mission statements, and what their future goals are for the company. Be active and provide feedback or post positive reactions on LinkedIn. 

Check Local Sources

There are many online job posting boards, but these sites might be cost prohibitive for some employers. Check your local online classifieds for job postings in your neighborhood. This is also a fantastic resource when relocating to a new area. 

Pros and Cons

The benefit of online resources is that information is readily available and easier to access. However, this also means that employers can search and view your online digital footprint as well. Be sure to remove any undesirable posts or unwanted pictures on your personal social media and ensure your professional sites (e.g., LinkedIn) are up to date.  

Things to Know

Employers often have multiple job positions open at once, so be sure to reference the job title or the job ID number with your application materials. Providing this information upfront helps facilitate and ensure your materials move effectively through the review process.  

Lean into the Process

The competition for employment is worldwide, but you can enhance your skillset by tailoring your resume for each position. Use keywords that are specific to your skill set and that match words from the job description. Stay confident and positive in your own narrative, remain resilient, and focus on running a marathon and not a sprint. 

Utilize Multiple Search Engines

Make a list of search engines and don’t limit yourself to only one mode of application. The top two best overall search engines are Indeed and Monster. However, some search engines have different specialties (e.g., remote jobs, recent college grads) that provide additional opportunities to further refine your online searching.  

Access to information can be overwhelming in this digital age, so be sure to stay organized in your job search and utilize multiple sources, as not all jobs are listed on one search engine. Keep in mind that information on the employer side can change daily. This may impact a hiring manager’s ability to make a hiring decision, so don’t take it personal if there is a large time gap before you hear back from a prospective employer. Remember with today’s digital job search environment to stay active, remain positive, and be patient throughout the process.  

Raelynn F. Grasso is a Career Advising Specialist at the University of Maryland Global Campus. She has experience leading and providing individual, group, and career counseling, as well as executing and developing programs to enhance college student enrichment. Ms. Grasso’s area of research includes career decision-making, epistemic cognition, self-efficacy, and college student development. She holds a B.S. in Psychology from the University of Utah, an M.S. and a PhD in Educational Psychology, both from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.