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UMGC Career Connection CareerQuest Overview Guide

UMGC Career Services
By UMGC Career Services

This article gives a snapshot of available resources and network-building opportunities provided by UMGC Career Services on CareerQuest. Through the CareerQuest platform, UMGC students and alumni are granted access to exclusive career tools, resources, events, jobs, internships, and much more at no-cost. Direct links to resources listed for self-service tools are provided for your convenience and can also be accessed under the Resources menu.

Career Services

Job Board: Click on the Jobs tab under the Career menu to browse through thousands of positions and internship listings that also highlight connections within the UMGC community who have previous work experience related to the specific company or the role.

Webinars and Events: Locate the Events tab under the Connect menu to register for the latest career development webinars, virtual recruiting events, and career fairs to assist you with your career development journey.

InternPLUS: InternPLUS, located under the Resources menu, is UMGC’s unique resource designed to help students and alumni identify experience-based opportunities to build their resume. Use the InternPLUS Navigator Quiz to discover project-based micro-internships, virtual job simulations, volunteer opportunities, and onsite and virtual internships that fit your needs.

Career Advising: Locate the Advising tab under the Connect menu to schedule a one-on-one advising session for specialized assistance to suit your professional career goals.

Build Your Network

Community Connect: The Community Connect program, located under the Connect menu allows you to network with alumni career champions and industry professionals who can provide career guidance and tips. Request an informational interview or send a short message to initiate a connection.

Student Organizations: Access groups, including professional associations, honors societies, interest-based and academic-focused groups, discussion boards, and special events, by clicking Groups under the Connect menu.

Veterans Resource Center: Vessey Virtual Student Union is designed for UMGC's military and veteran community featuring the One2One mentoring program for peer-to-peer support, a monthly newsletter, events, tools, and resources. Find this and more on the Military Connected page located under the Resource menu including support resources for military spouses and dependents.

Self-Service Tools

Resume Optimization: VMock is an AI-driven tool offering instant feedback to optimize your resume and LinkedIn profile for a chosen career. VMock also includes Elevator Pitch and Mock Interview modules to help you practice your pitch and prepare for career-specific interviews.

Career Exploration: Steppingblocks is a data-powered career exploration tool that explores over 60 million personal career journeys to help you unlock the skills needed to get hired. Research industry outlook projections, company hiring histories, and salary comparisons.

Career Guidebooks: Vault is a career intelligence tool designed to help you research career fields and employers, plan your best career path, and prepare for highly competitive positions. Access 230+ downloadable online Career Guidebooks featuring career-specific advice, rankings, and employer profiles, 70+ Online Upskilling Courses, 300+ Annual Career Fairs, and Vault's Intern Resource Center.

Career Video Library: Candid Career provides thousands of informational interview videos that feature industry professionals. Receive valuable advice to aid your job search.

Supercharge Your Career

Create a profile and log on to CareerQuest today at to take advantage of these tools and resources.