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UMGC Career Connection
Set Up Notifications to Maximize Your Job Search

Jennifer Tomasovic
By Jennifer Tomasovic

CareerQuest makes it easy to tap into the job listing without needing to log in everyday and search the open positions. Simply create an automated search alert and CareerQuest will do the job for you!

Getting started You can set up automated search alerts in CareerQuest. Simply log into CareerQuest, select the “Open Positions” tab at the top and apply the search terms and filters you would like to use to find relevant career opportunities.

CareerQuest allows you to search for jobs by type—full time, part time, temporary, quick gig/project and internship—and by location, industry, job category and many other related criteria. You can also search by major, degree and experience level for a completely personalized experience.

Once your customized search results come up, click “Set Search Alerts.” Then fill in the field to name the search and choose whether you’d like to receive daily, weekly or monthly alerts. You can receive these search alert notifications via email or desktop notifications. Then, just sit back and let CareerQuest do the work for you. You’ll automatically receive notifications when new job postings match your saved search criteria.

“You just set it and forget it,” says Francine Blume, Ph.D., assistant vice president of Career Development in the Office of Institutional Advancement at UMGC. “It’s a much better user experience for our students and alumni, and it’s more in line with how other professional job search boards are designed.”

This feature also benefits employers and recruiters who are looking for qualified UMGC students and alumni to fill positions within their organizations. “As soon as they post a job, CareerQuest users who saved their job-related search will get pinged about that job,” explains Blume. “It’s going to attract our qualified students and alumni to that employer that much faster.”

CareerQuest’s other offerings
Search alerts are just one feature of CareerQuest, UMGC’s one-stop career portal accessible to the school’s students and alumni to connect them with relevant career opportunities, tools, resources, events and more.

“We know a lot of students and alumni don’t need to interact directly with us,” says Blume. “They have been successful in their careers and are moving up. They need resources and access to recruiters and job listings, and they want to give back to others through mentoring. CareerQuest is a conduit to all our career services. It’s how we scale our career offerings to reach everyone.”

UMGC is continually evaluating and enhancing its career offerings to better serve students and alumni with support and resources. Whether you are changing careers, just starting out in the workforce or a seasoned professional looking to climb the corporate ladder, UMGC’s Office of Career Services is working to provide you with the latest professional development tools applicable for any stage of your career.

For example, a career mapping tool helps students and alumni design an action plan for reaching their career goals.

“This is customized by experience level and field and will prompt users to complete certain tasks to help them move forward in their career aspirations,” explains Blume. The career map will guide them to different resources within CareerQuest to accomplish these tasks and stay on track.

Visit CareerQuest to learn how UMGC’s Office of Career Services can help you reach your own professional goals. UMGC’s Office of Career Services can also be contacted at 240-684-2720 or if you have additional questions.