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Dr. Francine Blume
By Dr. Francine Blume

Transitioning from one career to another is always a challenge no matter who you are and no matter what your skill set. One of the biggest challenges is having little to no experience. How can you get experience when you need experience to get experience?

Here are five options to help you with your transition.

  1. Look for opportunities within your current company that have something to do with your new field. Ask to work on a special project or with a committee. Offer to help draft a new policy. See if you can incorporate your new field somehow into your current work.
  2. Seek out volunteer opportunities within your own community or virtually that utilize your newly developing skill set into your target field. A local church might appreciate your help with cyber security or the local animal shelter could appreciate a marketing plan.
  3. Consider part-time or temp work in your target field or with your target company.
  4. Freelancing, although very competitive is another way to get resume-able experience.
  5. Internships aren’t just for traditional college students. Many internships are part-time, weekends, or even virtual. One of the best ways to take that big leap is with a paid full-time internship that can get you an entrée into your new field. The Pathways Program offered by the federal government has excellent opportunities for students and recent graduates.

Francine Blume is the Assistant Vice President for Career Services at UMUC. She is passionate about connecting the UMUC community to their dream jobs.