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UMGC Career Connection
Building a Tech Resume

Raelynn Grasso
By Raelynn Grasso

When looking to fill technical roles within a company, hiring managers and recruiters look for candidates that currently possess the desired technical skills required to be successful on the first day of work. Improve your job search by creating a resume that ensures that your technical skills shine.

What is a Tech Resume?

A technical resume lists specific skills, qualifications, certifications, and work experiences that outline your ability to be successful in a technical role. A technical resume should be customized specifically to each job description and includes relevant technical skills. 

Components of a Tech Resume

A technical resume includes the same standard demographic and education information found on a traditional resume. Additionally, where applicable, some important categories to include on a technical resume are: 

  • Relevant Work Experience 
  • Computer Skills 
  • Coding 
  • Applicable Industry Key Words 
  • Industry Certifications 
  • Debugging 
  • Customer Support 
  • Programming Languages 

Be Honest

Do not add inaccurate elements to your resume to increase your chances of gaining an interview for a technical position. Employers create job descriptions based on their “wish list” or what they would like a potential candidate to have. It is acceptable to apply for a position if you have relevant experience that may not be an exact match, or if you only have a couple of the requirements desired. However, when creating your technical resume, only include certifications or computer programming languages that you do have.

Social Media

Social media platforms are an excellent way to connect with people worldwide; however, personal social media accounts should not be included on a technical resume. Instead create and maintain a LinkedIn profile to network, research, and connect with technical companies.

Stay Informed and Up to Date!

Research industry certifications to identify ways to improve your technological skillset. Follow technology companies and stay connected with them on LinkedIn. Keep your profile current, highlight your technical experience, and include relevant skills and objectives.  

Raelynn F. Grasso is a Career Advising Specialist at the University of Maryland Global Campus. She has experience leading and providing individual, group, and career counseling, as well as executing and developing programs to enhance college student enrichment. Ms. Grasso’s area of research includes career decision-making, epistemic cognition, self-efficacy, and college student development. She holds a B.S. in Psychology from the University of Utah, an M.S. and a PhD in Educational Psychology, both from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.