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UMGC Global Media Center

Do You Have a UMGC Story to Tell?

Our story is all about you.

After 20 years of online education leadership, University of Maryland Global Campus is proud of its students, faculty and alumni. We’ve been so inspired by recent stories that we want to share them with everyone. Including yours!

Maybe you have to jockey for space with everyone home. Maybe you have a pet that doesn’t respect your video meetings. Or thanks to your determination, you've come up with some pretty creative ways to get things done. We would love to hear about everything. You could be featured in an upcoming UMGC communications. Your story might help someone just like you make the decision to better their future.

Check out the questions below for some inspiration to get started on your video masterpiece featuring YOU – where you study, where you work most at home, etc. There are also a few tips for you on how to capture a quality video.


Ready to share your story?

To Submit Your Video:

  1. Click HERE 
  2. Hit the "+" to select a file from your computer to upload.
  3. Click "upload."
  4. You will see a message that says "Finished Uploading" and will receive a confirmation via email.

By submitting a video using this link, you are giving your express written consent without obligation for UMGC to contact you regarding your submission using e-mail. For more details or to remove your content at any time, please contact

In your video, please tell us a bit about yourself:

Full name

How long you've been studying at UMGC and what degree are you pursuing? Position at UMGC (for faculty and staff)

Years since graduation (alumni)

What would you say to someone who is considering UMGC?

Finally, if you've had a funny, touching, inspirational or otherwise remarkable moment recently, what was it?

Tips for capturing video.

• If you are capturing video via smart phone, please hold your camera horizontally, not vertically. Think about your TV and how that picture works. It might help to have someone hold if for you.

• Avoid wearing any logos or loud patterns. (UMGC gear is welcome, though!).

• Make sure we can see your face and that there is a light source in front of you, not behind you.

• Speak clearly and make sure that nothing is covering your microphone.

• Most importantly, have fun and be yourself!

Thank you for participating. We love to hear from the people who really make UMGC the respected University it is today.