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Balakrishnan Dasarathy, Ph.D.


Collegiate Professor and Program Chair for Information Assurance / The Graduate School

Areas of Expertise

Secure software engineering; distributed computing and middleware; and learning models and tools for higher education


Dr. Balakrishnan Dasarathy is currently developing UMUC’s Cyber Operation program to meet the needs of intelligence, defense and law enforcement communities. Prior to joining UMUC in September 2012, he spent 30 years in industry focusing on information assurance and cybersecurity, and related areas of computer science. He has worked in both telecommunications—at GTE Laboratories, now part of Verizon, and at Bellcore and Telcordia, now part of Ericsson—and in finance at JP Morgan. Dasarathy has applied his information assurance, cybersecurity, software and network engineering skills to commercial and military systems. He has published extensively in the areas of information assurance, communication networks, middleware and distributed computing.

Dasarathy received his doctorate in Computer and Information Science from the Ohio State University.and is Computer Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP ) certified.

LinkedIn: Balakrishnan Dasarathy

Media Contact

Alex Kasten, 301-335-9435