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UMGC Launches Option for Accelerated MBA

Liz Connolly-Bauman
By Liz Connolly-Bauman
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Adelphi, Md. (June 8, 2023)— Students pursuing a Master of Business Administration (MBA) at University of Maryland Global Campus (UMGC) soon will have the opportunity to complete their degree in as little as 15 months.

“We are excited about this opportunity to offer a 30-credit MBA program beginning in fall 2023 with faster time to completion and lower out-of-pocket costs for our students,” said Ravi Mittal, PhD, chair of UMGC’s Department of Business Administration.

Feedback from students over the past year prompted the university to streamline the program so that required learning outcomes could be accomplished in less time. The updated program removes what used to be the introductory course for the program, instead allowing students to begin core coursework right away, after a brief orientation. 

“The UMGC School of Business is focused on student success, and our updated MBA program considers our students come from diverse and varied backgrounds. We have designed our MBA to meet students where they are by providing the tools to create a personalized study blueprint for each student, in each course,” said Pam Carter, PhD, vice president and dean of UMGC’s School of Business. “Each study blueprint provides just-in-time supplemental materials for when students may find they want additional support in a specific course.” 

In addition to professors teaching their courses, Carter said, students in each course will be assigned to a faculty member as a separate resource to assist with supplemental materials. The personalized study blueprint, called Preflight, results from a self-assessment tool that students will use at the beginning of each MBA course. It identifies areas of support each student may need or want to strengthen their studies. 

UMGC’s MBA program was the first U.S.-based MBA designed specifically for online delivery. According to Mittal, it “offers students the ability to frame business decisions and solve problems in the context of a global environment.” Professors and students will meet for group discussions. Online classrooms provide 24-hour technical support.

UMGC’s MBA program is backed by the University System of Maryland (USM) and accredited by the  International Accreditation Council for Business Education (IACBE). IACBE's accreditation process examines whether a program is functioning and teaching effectively. Accredited institutions follow a process of continuous quality improvement that to builds student competencies and prepares them for professional success. 

“What I enjoyed about the MBA program is that it is project based, making it very relevant to the global professional environment, forcing you to work in teams and accomplish tasks by working with people all over the world,” said Christina Mundy, a recent MBA graduate.

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