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On May 17, University of Maryland University College introduced “Thursday Thoughts,” a new series of Facebook Live interviews showcasing the expertise of the university’s scholar-practitioner faculty members and discussions on a wide range of timely and newsworthy topics.

The series premiere featured Jeff Tjiputra, UMUC’s chair of Cloud Computing Architecture, who shared his “Thursday Thoughts” on the advantages and disadvantages of businesses increasingly migrating their data to the cloud, and the importance of understanding cloud computing and the services associated with it. Watch the interview, The Cloud: What is it and how does it work?” here.

The upcoming “Thursday Thoughts” line-up includes discussions on:

  • Climate change with Robert Oullette, Graduate Program Chair of Environmental Sciences
  • Innovation in higher education with Peter Smith, UMUC’s Orkand Chair
  • The growing importance of data analytics in all kinds of businesses, with Elena Gortcheva, Program Chair, Graduate Data Analytics
“Thursday Thoughts” airs every other Thursday at 1 p.m. ET on UMUC’s Facebook page.

More About Jeff Tjiputra, Ph.D.

He is the program chair for UMUC’s Cloud Computing Architecture program and has more than 20 years’ experience in higher education and IT management.  Prior to his current position, he was chair of the Cybersecurity programs at The Undergraduate School, UMUC.

Tjiputra has a bachelor’s degree in computer science, a master’s degree in information networking, and a doctorate in systems engineering.  He also founded the award-winning UMUC cybersecurity competition team, the Cyber Padawans, which has won numerous local, regional, national, and international awards.