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Experience a Day in the Life of the Nation’s Top Cybersecurity Experts in Just Three Hours to Learn First-Hand About This Diverse Career Field

The National Security Agency is sponsoring an NSA Day of Cyber, a nationwide initiative designed to raise the “national IQ” for STEM and cyber science education paths and inspire the more than 40 million elementary, secondary and college students in the U.S. to pursue a career in cyber, one of the fastest growing STEM fields.

Participants will engage in a self-paced, interactive online experience using the LifeJourney platform to “test drive” their future in cybersecurity by experiencing a day in the life of six NSA cybersecurity leaders. Users will work through challenging real-life cyber scenarios, discover the skills and tools used by NSA cyber professionals, and explore the breadth, depth and diversity of career choice that the cybersecurity field offers.

The online initiative, now available, is offered at no cost to participants and is appropriate for wide-ranging audiences, including middle and high school students, their parents and teachers, as well as adult learners and university faculty members. Registration is required.

Emma Garrison-Alexander, vice dean of University of Maryland University College (UMUC) Cyber Security & Information Assurance program said that, as an educator, she values the importance of helping students develop the skills they need to prepare them for the in-demand digital workforce.

“We’re encouraging colleges and universities, K-12 schools, institutions, and students young and old to participate in the NSA Day of Cyber so they can become more aware of what a career in cybersecurity might entail,” she said.

STEM education has become a national priority, and industry experts agree that the explosive growth in cyber-related careers is creating unprecedented workforce opportunities. Tens of thousands of cyber jobs in banking, mobility, healthcare, government and other sectors are available.

For education leaders, who are increasingly focused on finding ways to bring cyber into their classrooms to introduce students to this rapidly expanding field, NSA Day of Cyber presents an engaging option.

Please note: UMUC is not responsible for the content of LifeJourney’s NSA Day of Cyber and makes no representation as to the accuracy of the information provided.