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Cybersecurity is not your father’s STEM field and liberal arts majors with more than a passing interest in the industry may benefit from taking a closer look at the career possibilities it offers. For his part, Professor Mansur Hasib, program chair of University of Maryland University College (UMUC) graduate Cybersecurity Technology program, knows that the cybersecurity field itself would benefit from the infusion of interdisciplinary skills that liberal arts majors would bring to it.

“Cybersecurity has always been more about the leadership of people than technology,” said Hasib, who, along with fellow UMUC faculty member Jesse Varsalone, is a finalist in the seventh annual Americas Information Security Leadership Awards (Americas ISLA®), which celebrate non-governmental leaders throughout Central, North and South America who are inspiring change within the information security workforce.

“This nomination reflects my passion for preparing today’s information security workforce to succeed,” added Hasib, who specifically was recognized for his work in advancing the Cybersecurity Technology degree program at UMUC.

Hasib, who made his own personal journey from liberal arts to the cybersecurity field, is a prolific writer and champion of cybersecurity leadership education that is “open to anyone from any background.” In the UMUC Cyber Connections blog post, “Interested in a Career in Cybersecurity? Set Your Sights on Leadership Skills,” he offers his thoughts on why leadership skills are key to a successful cybersecurity career.

Learn more in the post about the skills you need to launch a career in cybersecurity, and gain additional insight on the subject from the following articles by Professor Hasib:

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