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Get Started for Graduate Students


Tackle a few tasks before class starts so you can concentrate on your coursework when class officially begins. Check off the essentials on your to-do list, and then, if you have time, try to follow the recommendations.

The Essentials

If you're short on time, be sure to take care of these basics:

  • Watch a Tour of the LEO Classroom Videos to learn about the UMGC Online Classroom Experience
  • Watch the Tips For Success video and print the Tips For Success document prior to your first day of class.
  • Stay connected to your assigned Success Coach on your academic progress.
  • Pay your application fee. Click on "View Account/Make a Payment."
  • Submit official transcripts from the institution that awarded your bachelor's degree to UMGC. Students receiving financial assistance must complete an official evaluation to continue receiving benefits.
  • Make sure you have submitted your military documentation to receive the military tuition rate.
  • Pay your tuition (Click on "View Account/Make a Payment"). Tuition and fees are due when you register for classes. Be sure you're aware of payment deadlines and grace periods to avoid non-payment penalties.
  • Order your books and course materials, if needed.
  • Sign up for UMGC's MyAlerts to receive text messages and/or e-mails about unexpected delays or closings because of weather or other emergencies.
  • Set up a study space—an area dedicated just for coursework.
  • Log in to your classroom one week before your course starts and follow instructions provided by your faculty member.
  • To log in, go to If you have not already logged in, enter your username and password in the login fields and and click on the LOGIN button. Once you enter your course,
    • Read the News inside your classroom. This is where your instructor will post any instructions, so pay attention to these before you dive into the discussions.
    • Print your syllabi. The syllabus will detail the structure of your course and the instructor's expectations and provide his or her contact information.
    • Participate in your first discussion and introduce yourself to your fellow classmates. This is how you'll get to know each other.

If you are changing campuses (e.g., switching from UMGC Europe to UMGC Asia), please be sure to log in to MyUMGC and select the "Student Information Updates" link in the lower right-hand corner.



If you want to explore more great resources, follow these recommendations. They will pay off in the long run.

After You Register

  • Check in with your Success Coach to review the remaining courses in your program.
  • Order your books and course materials, if needed.
  • Log in to MyUMGC via the Student Login page. In the left column click on the yellow "MyUMGC" button, enter your username (not your student ID number) and password that were sent to you and click on the LOGIN button. After you log in, enter the Student Center.
    • Check your contact information (under Personal Information, Name).
    • Check that your UMGC e-mail address is your primary account. (Note: Use of your UMGC e-mail address is optional but encouraged. If you use a personal address, you must ensure that it is valid and current.)
    • Check to see if your transcripts have been received (under My Academics, View My Previous Education).
  • Check your account balance and make sure your account is paid (Click on "View Account/Make a Payment"). Be aware of payment deadlines and penalties for non-payment of your UMGC bill.
  • Sign up for UMGC's MyAlerts to receive text messages and/or e-mails about unexpected delays or closings because of weather or other emergencies.

Two or More Weeks Before Class

  • Set up your study space—an area dedicated just for coursework.
  • Create a folder on your desktop and in your e-mail. Keep all messages and files related to your course in one place that's easy to find.
  • Identify a strategy for backing up important files (flash drive, e-mail, cloud/Google docs).

One Week Before Class

  • Log in to your courses, access your eReadings, and print syllabi.
  • Participate in your first conference as directed by your faculty member.
  • Introduce yourself to your fellow classmates.

Using the Course Planner

UMGC Provides a Course Planner for Each Session Specifically Designed for You.

Students in the MBA program and programs requiring CBR 600, DCL 600M, or DCL 600T should use this course planner.

All others should use this course planner.

  • Keep track of assignments and other requirements.
  • Spend adequate time on course assignments and projects.
  • Develop a schedule and strategy to tackle assignments or projects that may have similar deadlines.
  • Break down large assignments or projects.
  • Get an idea of where you should be throughout the course(s).


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Technical Assistance

Go to Help@UMGC or call 888-360-8682.

Discuss your decision to take classes with family, friends, boss, and co-workers. They are your support group and will be instrumental in helping you achieve your goal.

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