This site contains information for UMGC stateside students, faculty, and staff. For updates on overseas divisions, visit UMGC Asia or UMGC Europe .

At University of Maryland Global Campus (UMGC), our top concern continues to be the safety and well-being of our students. Like any institution of higher learning, we believe that knowledge can be an incredibly useful tool, especially during times of uncertainty. That's why we're offering our students a comprehensive list of resources, covering everything from online studying tips to mental health resources.

For the latest coronavirus updates from UMGC, please keep reading this page. In addition, please note that the University System of Maryland is also providing updates , as well as their own set of resources for students who might need help.

Update on Remaining Summer and Fall 2021 Terms

We have shifted all onsite instruction at regional locations fully online for the remaining 2021 terms to further lessen the risk of virus exposure. As of now, this shift to online instruction also applies to stateside military locations, both on and off-base. As always, operations at military locations are subject to change based on guidance from the U.S. Department of Defense and local commands

Faculty will hold Zoom teleconference sessions during times originally scheduled for face-to-face class sessions; look for instructions from your specific faculty.

For students using VA benefits, be aware that the president has signed a bill into law that remains in effect until December 21, 2021 that allows students whose courses have transitioned from hybrid to online instruction because of the coronavirus crisis to continue receiving their full VA benefits, including the in-residence housing allowance.

Stateside On-site and Hybrid Courses are Moving Fully Online (as of June 2021)

To further lessen the risk of exposure, effective immediately, we have shifted all UMGC onsite classroom instruction to fully online at all stateside military and off-base regional locations. Faculty may hold teleconference sessions, via Zoom, during any times originally scheduled for face-to-face class sessions; they will provide you with further instructions.

UMGC Stateside Coronavirus Resources

Financial Resources

Now, as always, UMGC is offering financial resources to help you achieve your education goals. Learn more about student support during COVID-19.

FAQs for Students

We've put together a comprehensive list of FAQs to help our current students get answers to their concerns related to COVID-19.

Additional Resources

Internet and Utilities

FCC Statement and Broadband/Telephone Service Provider Agreements

The FCC has released a statement concerning their efforts to get broadband and telephone service providers to take the Keep Americans Connected Pledge. Under the pledge, the FCC is asking that broadband and telephone services providers pledge to waive late fees, open hot-spots, and refuse to cutoff service due to lack of payment for the next 60 days. As a result, Altice USA , AT&T , Comcast , Charter Communications , Sprint , and T-Mobile are offering various agreements to their customers. While Verizon is not currently offering an agreement, they are adhering to the FCC statement. Please click the above links to learn more about the specifics of each agreement.

Providing Care for Others

Things you can Do for the Elderly

Make an effort to check in regularly with the older people in your life that might be at risk for feelings of loneliness . Consider setting up a regular time to check in.

All people, not just those who are older, need to have a sense of purpose. If you have concerns about loneliness, see if you can help to identify activities that will instill a sense of purpose or joy.

Explore technological solutions to keep your older loved ones engaged. This can be in the form of email, video chats, YouTube, Facebook, etc. Don't assume that older people won't use technology. Often, the reluctance to adopt technology is due to lack of experience, not fear of the technology itself.

Job Search Information

Returning to Work

Beyond Isolation: A Webinar on Returning to Work During COVID-19

On May 6, 2020, University of Maryland Global Campus hosted a webinar that explored how organizations can begin re-integrating their employees into the workforce amid the COVID-19 pandemic. The webinar, "Beyond Isolation: Returning to an Undistanced Workplace during COVID-19," brought together four leading experts in the fields of public health and crisis management.

Access Restricted at Stateside Regional Sites and Administrative Headquarters

As concerns grow about the spread of coronavirus disease, University of Maryland Global Campus (UMGC) remains focused on the health and safety of its students, employees, alumni, and guests. Consistent with the directive from Maryland Governor Larry Hogan, we have now restricted access to the following regional sites and administrative headquarters, and employees are teleworking where possible:

  • Adelphi

  • Dorsey Station

  • Largo

  • Quantico Corporate Center

  • Universities at Shady Grove

  • Waldorf

Our online presence offers a degree of protection, and we are following guidance from the University of Maryland School of Medicine and School of Public Health, the Centers for Disease Control, and the U.S. Department of Defense to further reduce risks to our community while continuing to offer our full support to our hard-working students. To date, we are unaware of any direct exposure within our community.

If you have specific questions about coronavirus disease and how it might affect your studies at UMGC, contact us at 800-888-8682 or .