In recognition of the diverse education goals and aspirations of University of Maryland Global Campus students, we use a variety of strategies to ensure our programs and courses are convenient and flexible. We offer multiple start dates each term to help students fit their education into their busy lives.

At UMGC, we provide ample time for students to review and register for courses. Students can learn about the courses offered in the current and upcoming terms using the online Schedule of Classes, which is usually made available four to five months prior to the start date of the term. The Schedule of Classes will also provide applicable registration start dates and deadlines. The registration periods for the current and upcoming terms are available on the online academic calendar.

Registration is consistently monitored by our scheduling office within the Office of the Registrar to ensure the enrollment needs of all students, especially military and veteran students, are met. The scheduling office accomplishes this by giving students the opportunity to effectively progress in their programs and take courses that interest them. We also ensure that students waitlisted for hybrid courses can still progress through their programs by offering courses online in the event they are not removed from a hybrid course waitlist.

Military-affiliated students are identified within all internal systems based on documentation provided at the time of application or upon submission for veterans benefits. This information is stored within our systems to ensure transparency to all university staff of a student's military affiliation and current status. We have multiple units within the university, including dedicated military and veteran advising teams, that specialize in advising and understanding our military-affiliated population to make sure specialized needs are addressed.

We understand there are scheduling limitations for military-affiliated students within the branches of their own service, and we work with individual military service branch voluntary education offices to accommodate these limitations through various university processes. We also prioritize our veteran population by allowing them to enroll in courses while payment of veterans education benefits are still pending.