University of Maryland, College Park, and University of Maryland Global Campus collaborate to offer prospective and current UMGC students the opportunity to participate in UMCP's Army ROTC program. You can enroll in Army ROTC college courses and/or apply to the Army ROTC commissioning program.

Option 1: Take UMCP Army ROTC College Courses

If you are a full-time undergraduate or graduate student at UMGC, you can take Army ROTC undergraduate courses on the UMCP campus and earn college credit. If you register for these courses, you can choose to participate in physical fitness training and hands-on military skills training, but it is not required. You can take Army ROTC courses for college credit without committing to military service.

How to Cross-Enroll in UMCP Army ROTC College Courses

If you are a full-time undergraduate or graduate student at UMGC and you would like to participate in the UMCP Army ROTC program, you will need to cross-enroll at UMCP. E-mail Advising or visit the UMCP Army ROTC cross-enrollment requirements webpage to find out more about completing this process.

Please note: Cross-enrollment requires two documents from UMGC: a Letter of Permission and a Letter of Verification of Enrollment. You will also need a UMGC advisor's signature on a third document, CC Form 104-R.

Option 2: Apply for the UMCP Army ROTC Commissioning Program

You can also choose to apply to the Army ROTC commissioning program, which prepares you for service as an officer in the U.S. Army after graduation. In this program, you must take ROTC courses and participate in physical fitness and military skills training. The application process for this program is highly competitive.

How to Apply for the Army ROTC Commissioning Program

If you are interested in taking your UMCP Army ROTC experience further and applying to the highly competitive commissioning program, you must first gain acceptance into the UMCP Army ROTC program and then meet the commissioning program's minimum eligibility requirements. You must

  • Be a U.S. citizen
  • Pass the DoDMERB medical/physical exam
  • Be 18 to 27 years of age (waivers available)
  • Maintain a 2.0 GPA
  • Pass the Army Physical Fitness Test
  • Meet height and weight requirements
  • Be a full-time student pursuing a bachelor's or master's degree
  • Interview with the professor of military science at UMCP

Apply to UMCP Army ROTC

For deadlines, application instructions, and information about the program, please e-mail Advising.