Marine Corps Recruit Depot

UMGC has dedicated staff available by phone and e-mail to provide services to students at Marine Corps Recruit Depot.

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University of Maryland Global Campus offers at Marine Corps Recruit Depot in San Diego, California.

About Marine Corps Recruit Depot


Student Services

Belleau Avenue

Building 111

San Diego, CA 92140

Hours of Operation

By Appointment Only

Contact us to confirm hours on holidays and during university breaks.

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Marine Corps Recruit Depot At a Glance

  • Military Location
  • Advising
  • Placement Testing

Military Location

The site is located on a military installation and is only open to military servicemembers, their dependents, and civilian employees working on base. Learn more about how UMGC specializes in serving military students.

Services at Marine Corps Recruit Depot


Our friendly, knowledgeable staff are available to help you find the right academic program to meet your career goals, estimate your transfer credits and time to graduation, find ways to finance your education that fit your budget, apply for admission, and register for classes.

Please make an appointment for advising services at this location.

Hours of Operation

By Appointment Only

Placement Testing

Online placement tests are offered at this location by appointment. These tests are complimentary for UMGC students. Learn more about placement testing.

Online Library

UMGC's online library is available 24/7 to students around the globe. Most printed materials can be mailed at no cost to students in the continental United States, or you can request electronic delivery for journal articles and book chapters. To access research databases and the library catalog or view tutorials on how to conduct research, visit the UMGC Library.

Access to Marine Corps Recruit Depot

If you do not have a military ID, please contact the base for information on entry.


For security purposes, civilian students may be required to complete a Student Records Release form when receiving base access for the first time. This form gives permission for UMGC to provide information about you to the military.