My FAFSA has a C-Code or C-Flag what does this mean and how long does it take to process?

In some cases, the US Department of Education (ED) may require the University of Maryland Global Campus to verify additional information on the student's record. Examples of this may include confirming Selective Service registration or citizenship status. Once the University of Maryland Global Campus receives your FAFSA, we will automatically review it and let you know if other information is required to process your application.

We will let you know what is required by adding items to your 'To-Do List' and also by sending you an email. Once you submit all required documentation to the Financial Aid Office (and these items no longer appear on your 'To-Do List'), your application will typically be reviewed the following week. During this review process, the financial aid office will contact you if they need additional information or clarification. If nothing else is required, you will typically be awarded 2-3 days after this review is complete.