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Cybersecurity 101: Five “Back to School” Tips to Stay Safe Online

University of Maryland University College grad Keirsten Brager, a security technology lead at a Fortune 500 power utility company, shares her 60-minute digital security checkup designed to empower any returning student with tips and resources to improve their personal digital security.

Although there is no single solution that will prevent security compromises 100 percent of the time, there are things you should be doing to protect yourself against cyber threats. Recently published in Homeland Security Today, the following tips represent the top five ways users can protect themselves online:

  1. Choose a password manager.
  2. Reset all passwords with stronger credentials.
  3. Add two-factor authentication to eligible accounts.
  4. Adjust security and privacy settings.
  5. Communicate securely.

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About the Author

Keirsten Brager ia a security technology lead at a Fortune 500 power utility company and was recently named one of Dark Reading’s top women in security quietly changing the game. She is also the author of “Secure The InfoSec Bag: Six Figure Career Guide for Women in Security,” a guide to empowering women with the strategies needed maximize their earning potential. Brager holds a MS in Cybersecurity from UMUC and several industry certifications, including the CISSP and CASP.