UMGC encourages and guides student leaders and members towards maintaining high-quality student organizations. UMGC Student Affairs has created a points-based system that measures and awards these organizations for providing multiple opportunities for members to participate. Some groups do this by holding regular bi-weekly or monthly meetings, while others do this by providing a variety of activities and events throughout the year. Student organizations earn Bronze, Silver and Gold status by conducting multiple activities throughout the year which equate to points. Student organization members can review point values for specified activities in the Student Organization Activities and Events document.

Student organizations at UMGC that achieve these statuses go above and beyond in their efforts to provide a variety of programming and opportunities for participation.

Bronze: 50 - 74 points
Silver: 75 - 99 points
Gold: 100+ points

Standings are determined each summer based on the current academic year’s activities documented in the Student Organization Update forms required for submission on December 1 and April 30. 

The standings are recognized on the UMGC Student Organizations Web site, on the virtual community pages, and more. 

Congratulations to the following groups achieving high standings during the 2020-21 year!



Frequently Asked Questions about Student Organizations Standings

How are student organization standings calculated? +

Student organizations are required to submit update forms once or twice a year, depending on the type of organization. The update forms include a list of activities, which Student Affairs uses to calculate the standings.

How do I know how many points an activity is worth? +

The point value for activities is found on the Student Organization Activities and Events document. This is a living document—as groups develop new events they will be assessed and added to the document with a corresponding point value.

How can my student organization achieve a higher standing? +

Student groups can strive to achieve a higher standing by conducting more events and activities throughout the year that meet their mission and goals.

In addition to holding events and activities, it is important that the group's leaders document them on the update forms, as those are used to calculate the points. 

How do I access the Student Organization Update form? +

Student Affairs will send out the link to the Student Organization Update form to the officially recognized student organizations prior to the deadline.

Where can I find ideas on additional events and activities? +

The Student Organization Activities and Events lists a variety of ideas for groups to partake in. In addition, members can review the Student Organization Award Winners to learn of activities that other groups are doing.

Some sample items include, but are not limited to:

  • Chapter Management (done by leaders)
    • Hold elections for new officers.
    • Attend leader trainings conducted by the University.
    • Hold welcome events for new members.
    • Actively maintain virtual communities related to the club or group.
  • Professional Growth
    • Collaboration on a project to present to student organization membership or in other venue (such as research, essays, literary journals, etc.).
    • Volunteer work
    • Plan and run workshops.
    • Participate in competitions.
  • Service Opportunities
  • Academic Recognition

Are standings the same as the Student Organization Awards? +

No, the two programs are different. The standings are awarded based on points-assessed activities and events. The Student Organization Awards are competitive, have specific awards for various categories, and have a nomination period in the spring. 

What does it mean if a student organization does not achieve a gold, silver, or bronze standing? +

Officially recognized UMGC student organizations must meet minimum standards to remain in good standing. Therefore, even if a student group does not have a gold, silver, or bronze status, they still are providing a level of quality to members by being in good standing.

Is it required for a student organization to be at a bronze, silver, or gold level? +

No, it is not required for groups to achieve the higher levels. Student organizations can be engaging and serve their members’ needs without reaching one of the status levels.  

Have questions related to the student organizations? Contact Student Affairs for assistance.