Checklist for Reviewer(s)

Audience, Purpose, and Scope

____ Is the thesis statement clear and focused on one major idea?
____ Is the intent and purpose clearly expressed?
____ Is the target audience clearly defined? The secondary audience?
____ Does the scope seem appropriate for this writing project?


____ Does the research seem to be appropriate and logical?
____ Does the methodology for researching and writing this assignment make sense?
____ Are the resources varied and logical?

Content and Organization

____ Does the controlling idea seem to be sufficiently developed?
____ Are the major parts clearly defined?
____ Are the major parts logically sequenced to fit the purpose?
____ Do the minor parts support the major statements?


____ Does the plan include scheduled dates for research and writing?
____ Does the schedule seem reasonable?
____ Does the schedule include time for reviewing and revising the writing project?