Your Job Search Documents

The average American will change careers--not just jobs--about 6 to 8 times during his/her adult life. Company loyalty? It went bye-bye with platform shoes and poodle skirts. Today, you are your own company, and you had better start looking out for number one--or else.

Writing a resume may be one of the most important pieces of writing you ever do. There are many personal choices you must make prior to writing your resume. What is your career objective? What skills can you describe to illustrate to an employer that you are the right person for the job?

While you will write your final resume when you graduate, the purpose of this thread is for you to draft the initial versions of the various types of resumes and other job search documents you will need. You read that right--you will need more than one resume and you will need a variety of personal career documents. Below is a list of links that you will also find helpful as you write your professional document set

The Professional Document Set
  • Resumes
  • Application Cover Letters
  • Interview Follow-Ups
  • Cold Contact Letters & Others

Best Links for Document Sets

Good luck!