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Chapter 7 Table of Contents

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Chapter 7: Assessing Your Writing

How Is Writing Graded?

A General Assessment Tool

Some teachers who are not writing teachers use a single-page evaluation tool to give their students feedback on their writing. We are including here an evaluation tool that you or your teacher can use for your writing assignments. One way to use this tool is to assign each criterion a value (C = competent, S = satisfactory, and I = needs improvement).

General Assessment of a Writing Assignment

Understanding the Assignment

____ Student demonstrates an understanding of the assignment.
____ Student demonstrates an understanding of the skills and techniques needed to complete the assignment.
____ Student demonstrates an understanding of the reading assignments relevant to this assignment.


____ Student clearly indicates a knowledge of the subject matter and has made the information accessible to the reader.
____ Student has focused the subject on a single, appropriate thesis.
____ Audience is targeted properly.
____ Purpose of the content is clear.


____ Student's intentions and methods in developing the content are clear.
____ Controlling idea is sufficiently developed.
____ Organization is logical and follows a clear sequence.
____ Major and minor supports are clearly defined for the reader.

Introductions, transitions, and conclusions are clear, logical, and contain relevant information.


____ Diction is appropriate to the audience and its level of technical expertise.
____ Level of details presented is appropriate and consistent.
____ Overall tone is consistent and appropriate to the audience and subject matter.
____ Sentences are structured effectively and correctly.
____ Document design and presentation are appropriate to the audience and subject matter.


____ Student has used correct grammar and effective sentence structures.
____ Punctuation is correct.
____ Document fits the expected format, and the appearance is professional

Summary Comments

[It's important to summarize your overall impression of the paper, as well as its strengths and weaknesses.]

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