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Chapter 7 Table of Contents

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Chapter 7: Assessing Your Writing

The Draft Stage

The Revision Process and the Final Draft

After you have revised your first draft, the major issues of content, organization, and style should be clearly worked out. This stage of assessment is necessarily at a higher level or is more general because you should expect to have addressed the more detailed aspects during the other stages of writing. When you review your final paper one more time, you should answer successfully the questions in the following checklist.

Checklist for Revising the Final Paper

Understanding the Assignment

____ Did I demonstrate that I understood the requirements of the assignment?
____ Did I demonstrate an understanding of the skills and techniques needed to complete this assignment?
____ Did I demonstrate that I understood the readings relevant to this assignment?
____ Did I demonstrate an understanding of the concepts and methods in my discipline?
____ Is the assignment complete?
____ Is the information appropriate for the assignment?
____ Did I use quotations, paraphrases, and summaries appropriately?
____ Are my citations and references in the correct style for my discipline?
____ Is the order of the information logical?
____ Are the introduction and conclusion clear and related?
____ Does the organization pattern reflect my critical thinking strategy?


____ Do the transitions clearly act as verbal signals?
____ Do I use logical connections and summarize when necessary?
____ Is my style readable and coherent?
____ Is the tone expressive and consistent?


____ Are my tone and diction appropriate to my audience?
____ Is my English clear and emphatic?
____ Is my vocabulary appropriately formal or informal for this assignment?


____ Is the format appropriate and conventional for this assignment?
____ Does the format of the assignment promote quick, clear understanding?
____ Do the graphics clarify the text?


____ Is my paper free of spelling, grammatical, and punctuation errors?
____ Do I use standard English?
____ Do I use appropriate typography for the final printing?

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