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Online Guide to Writing and Research

Chapter 7 Table of Contents

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Chapter 7: Assessing Your Writing

The Draft Stage

The First Draft

When the first draft is ready for review and feedback, you can use a checklist like the one presented here or develop one of your own. By identifying the stage in which errors most often occur, you can return to that stage for revision.

Checklist for Your First Draft

Planning and Researching Phases

____ Is the thesis statement clear and focused on one major idea?
____ Are the intent and purpose clearly expressed?
____ Is the target audience clearly defined?
____ Does the scope seem appropriate for this writing project?
____ Is sufficient information provided?
____ Does the paper consider other perspectives or address possible questions?
____ Are facts and opinions explained and supported in convincing detail?

Organizing and Drafting Phases

____ Is the controlling idea sufficiently developed?
____ Are the major parts clearly defined and logically sequenced to fit the purpose?
____ Do the minor ideas clearly support the major statements?
____ Does the introduction clearly set the stage by announcing the controlling idea?
____ Does the conclusion return to the controlling idea and review the major parts?

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