Avoiding Plagiarism

Managing Source Material

Quoting Your Source

When you want the exact phrasing and pattern of thinking or wording of your source, quote it verbatim. You use quotations in your writing when you need to invoke the authority of your source, to preserve the qualities of the written language, or when the original material is so well phrased that a summary or paraphrase just won't capture the ideas.

The following example shows you how to include a quote from your source material. The sentences preceding the quotation are in the writer's own words and are used to provide a context for the quotation, which is then used to support the writer's thoughts and expound on them with authority.

Example of Appropriate Quotation of a Source

An organization should have a statement of its mission, goals, and objectives written. These goals and objectives should be paramount to the organization and be reflected in its strategic and tactical decisions. As Finkelstein states, "Market segments, products or services and organization structure may need to change over time to ensure strategic directions continue to be observed" (1993, p. 193).