Sample Personal Checklist for Improvement

Assessing My Writing This Term

Planning phase
____  Have I learned to write a clear and focused thesis statement?
____  Do I understand how the intent and purpose of my writing reflect my audience?
____  Do I know how to provide sufficient information?
____  Am I planning my assignments with enough time to be successful?
____  Do I use assessment checklists for my writing?

Researching phase

____  Am I learning how to conduct research for information to support my own research thesis?
____  Is my research methodical and thorough?
____  Do I keep accurate notes about quotations, paraphrases, summaries, and bibliographical information?

Organizing phase

____  Am I learning organization techniques and improving them?
____  Does my organization reflect my critical thinking strategy?
____  Does my content flow logically?

Drafting phase

____  Is my style readable and coherent?
____  Is my tone expressive and consistent?
____  Am I able to plan a first draft with time to plan improvement?
____  Am I developing and using a revision strategy?


____  Have I improved in the overall mechanics of writing?
____  Am I learning a variety of formats for my writing?

Plan to improve

What will I work on in the next writing project or in the next term?
____  Prewriting techniques
____  Journal keeping
____  Planning my writing
____  Managing my writing projects
____  Researching techniques
____  Organization
____  Writing the first draft
____  Revising
____  Assessing my writing