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Online Guide to Writing and Research

Appendix A Table of Contents

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Appendix A: Books to Help Improve Your Writing

Special Style Manuals

Behavioral and Social Sciences

  • Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (APA) (5th ed.). (2001). Washington, D.C.: American PsychologicalAssociation.

  • The Chicago manual of style (14th ed.). (1993). Chicago: The University of Chicago Press.


  • CBE style manual: A guide for authors, editors, and publishers in the biological sciences (5th ed.). (1983). Bethesda, MD: Council of Biology Editors.


  • Handbook for authors of papers in American Chemical Society publications. (1978). Washington, DC: American Chemical Society.

English and Communication Studies

  • Gibaldi, J. (1999). MLA handbook for writers of research papers (5th ed.). New York: The Modern Language Association.

  • Winkler, A. C., McCuen, J. R. (1994). Writing the research paper: A handbook with both the MLA and APA documentation styles. Orlando: Harcourt Brace Company.


  • French, C. W. (Ed.). (1996). The Associated Press stylebook and libel manual (6th ed.). New York: Addison-Wesley Publications.

Law and Paralegal Studies

  • The bluebook: A uniform system of citation (15th ed.). (1991). Cambridge: The Harvard Law ReviewAssociation.


  • A manual for authors of mathematical papers(7th ed.). (1980). Providence, RI: American Mathematical Society.


  • American Institutes of Physics. (1978). Style manual for guidance in the preparation of papers (3rd ed.). New York: American Institutes of Physics.


  • American national standard for the preparation of scientific papers for written or oral presentation. (1979). New York: American National Standards Institute.

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