Checklist for Evaluating Your Conclusions
  Does the evidence in my paper evolve from a stated thesis? From subtheses? From topic sentences?
  Do all of my sources for evidence agree with each other? Are there conflicts, and have I identified them as conflicts? If I have presented conflicting opinions, have I distinguished them clearly?
  Have I offered enough evidence for every conclusion I have drawn? Are my conclusions based on empirical studies, expert testimony, or data, or all of these? Have I included any unsubstantiated opinions or hearsay as the basis for my conclusions?
  Are all of my sources credible? Is anyone in my audience likely to challenge them?
  Have I presented circular reasoning or illogical conclusions?
  Am I confident that I have covered most of the major sources of information on my topic? If not, have I stated this as a limitation of my research?
  Have I discovered further areas for research and identified them in my paper?
  Have others to whom I have shown my paper perceived the validity of my conclusions?
  Are my conclusions strong? If not, what causes them to be weak? Do I myself believe them to be true?