Checklist for Feedback on Your Writing Assignments
Planning and Researching
      Is the thesis statement clear and focused on one major idea?
      Are the intent and purpose expressed clearly?
      Is the target audience clearly defined?
      Does the scope seem appropriate for this writing project?
      Is sufficient information provided?
      Does the author of the paper or assignment consider other perspectives or address possible questions?
      Are facts and opinions explained and supported in convincing detail?
Organizing and Drafting
      Is the controlling idea sufficiently developed?
      Are the major ideas defined clearly and sequenced logically to fit the purpose?
      Do the minor ideas clearly support the major ideas?
      Does the introduction clearly set the stage by announcing the thesis and controlling idea?
      Does the conclusion return to the controlling idea and review the major ideas?
      Do the transitions clearly act as verbal signals?
      Does the author use logical connections and summarize when necessary?
      Are there mechanical errors the author should correct?
      Does the format of the paper promote quick, clear understanding?
      Do the graphics clarify the text?