Undergraduate students at University of Maryland Global Campus have access to online tutoring in select courses in accounting, computer programming, economics, finance, and statistics. They can also receive assistance from student volunteers—peer-to-peer tutoring—through the WiseGuy platform. In addition, UMGC offers writing-related services and resources through the Effective Writing Center.

UMGC Tutors

Online tutoring can be found within the Learning Experience Online. Inside the tutoring centers, students correspond with tutors primarily through the discussion area. Tutors can answer your questions, walk you through example problems, clarify concepts, and provide additional resources. 

Many of the tutoring centers also include additional resources, such as explanatory videos and links to external websites, for students. Some of the tutoring rooms offer you the opportunity to post your work for feedback through the assignments section. Others may offer real-time tutoring sessions for a specific course and session. Information on these additional services will be posted within the tutoring centers. 

Currently, tutoring is offered for the following undergraduate courses:

  • ACCT 220
  • ACCT 221
  • ACCT 301
  • ACCT 310
  • ACCT 311
  • CMIS 102
  • CMIS 141
  • ECON 103
  • ECON 201
  • ECON 203
  • FINC 330
  • FINC 331
  • FINC 340

You can sign up for the tutoring rooms through the content sections of the associated courses; please see the list of courses above. Once you sign up for a tutoring room, you can access it from your class by clicking on the drop-down menu at the top left side of the screen.

Other Tutoring Services at UMGC

In addition to UMGC tutors, you can seek assistance from a peer through the WiseGuy platform. Undergraduate students are also encouraged to use the Effective Writing Center for assistance in writing in any of their courses.