At University of Maryland Global Campus, you can seek peer-to-peer tutoring through the PeerTutors platform or by volunteering to be a peer tutor. The PeerTutors platform allows you to search for peer tutors at UMGC by course or subject and review the profiles, ratings, and schedules of available tutors. The tutoring sessions are conducted online in real time through Google Hangouts.

This is a volunteer service, so availability will vary. Peer tutors on the platform are not official tutors who have been hired and trained by UMGC, so UMGC cannot verify their qualifications.

Register for a PeerTutor Account

Before you schedule your first tutoring session on the PeerTutors platform, you will need to sign up for an account. If you are seeking tutoring help, sign up as a student. If you have expertise in some subjects and wish to help other students, then sign up as a peer tutor. Whether you are signing up as a student or as a peer tutor, you will be required to fill out basic information—including your name, university e-mail, and a password—and a personal profile. Your name, e-mail, and phone number are only shown to the administrators of the PeerTutors platform.

If you are signing up as a peer tutor, you should fill out the personal profile section thoroughly. Consider how you would like to market yourself to students and list any courses and subjects for which you feel you can provide assistance. You will be asked to select your weekly availability. Once your profile is approved by the administrators, it will be searchable on the PeerTutors platform.

If you are a UMGC student: You will need to use your UMGC e-mail address, which is created once you've enrolled in your first course and verified your account. Click here to log in to your e-mail address. You can find out more information about your UMGC e-mail account by clicking here.

If you are an alumnus or staff member wishing to volunteer as a peer tutor: Please e-mail stating your interest and include your e-mail address so we can approve it for you.

Use PeerTutors as a Student

Visit the PeerTutors platform if you want to seek undergraduate peer tutoring at UMGC.

  1. In the "Help me with . . ." box on the top left of the page, search for peer tutors by course (e.g. MATH009) or subject (e.g. accounting). As you type, a drop-down menu will appear with suggestions, and you can select your preferred course or subject.
  2. Make sure "University of Maryland Global Campus" is selected in the "Filter by school" box. When you are ready, select "Find a Peer Tutor."
  3. Review the tutors in your search results. When you hover over a profile picture, you will get a pop-up button to view the profile and read student reviews.
  4. To see a peer tutor's availability, select "Schedule Session." Pick a time you wish to schedule the session and select "Save."
  5. Next, you will need to fill out a form to specify what you want help with and how you'd like to meet the peer tutor. Complete the form, then select "Send Message."

Most sessions take place online through the Google Hangouts app. If you prefer a phone session or wish to use another online platform, select "In-Person" and specify your preference in the notes. Some peer tutors may be willing to meet in person at a public location if you live close to each other.

Once you send the message, the peer tutor will get an e-mail and/or text notification of your session request. When the peer tutor confirms the session, you will receive a confirmation message via e-mail and, if you set up text notifications, by text message. Please allow 24–48 hours for peer tutors to respond. If you do not get a response, you may want to request a session with another peer tutor. Please notify if a peer tutor is unresponsive.

Access an Online PeerTutors Session

For your session, you will need the following:

  • Laptop or desktop computer with high speed Internet
  • Microphone or headset; if you do not own either, then you can ask the PeerTutor ahead of time if you may use a phone for audio
  • An up-to-date version of Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, or Safari

You have two options to access the session.

Option 1: Access through the PeerTutors Platform

  • Log into your PeerTutors account.
  • Select "Upcoming Sessions" or "My Sessions" on your dashboard.
  • Find the session that is about to begin and select "Join Session."

Option 2: Access through E-mail

Before your session, you should receive an e-mail reminder letting you know that your session is coming up. From that e-mail, you can select "Join Session."

Please note: It is a good idea to test Google Hangouts before your session.

Benefit from Volunteering as a PeerTutor

You can take advantage of the many benefits of becoming a peer tutor at UMGC.

  • Becoming a peer tutor is a flexible way to make a difference. Peer tutors choose their own hours of availability, approve session requests, and can conduct the online sessions from their own home. This is optimal for busy students and alumni who want to help others within the UMGC community.
  • You can build your experience. Volunteering can be an effective way to apply course content outside of the classroom. Through tutoring, peer tutors can practice communication skills, gain teaching abilities, solve problems, work with a diverse set of students, and more. The platform tracks tutor hours and subjects, allowing peer tutors to easily share this information.
  • Tutoring improves personal learning. Teaching and explaining concepts to others is a learning strategy that can strengthen your own understanding.
  • You can enhance your connection to the UMGC community. Participation can help alumni stay connected to UMGC and can give current students the opportunity to interact more with their peers. Sessions are in real time, providing a different atmosphere than most courses.