Graduate students at University of Maryland Global Campus have online access to writing tutoring and subject matter tutoring via the platform.

Writing Tutoring

UMGC offers writing tutoring for all graduate courses. Working with a writing tutor can help you strengthen your skills and content knowledge. Writing tutors do not copy edit your work; they will review your draft to ensure that you have met the requirements in the assignment instructions. Additional writing tips and resources are available in the Effective Writing Center and on UMGC Library's Writing and Citing page.

For questions regarding writing tutoring for any graduate course, please contact the Effective Writing Center at

Subject Matter Tutoring for Select Accounting, Finance, and Statistics Courses

UMGC offers subject matter tutoring for select graduate courses, listed below. Subject matter tutors can help define and explain concepts, clarify examples from course content, and guide students toward understanding a particular topic. They cannot specifically answer questions related to any homework, quiz, exam, or major project. Such questions may be addressed to the course's professor, who is the primary contact for the course.

For questions regarding subject matter tutoring in any graduate course, please contact Francisco Muniz, Manager of Tutoring, at

The following courses have subject matter tutoring available.


  • ACCT 610

  • FIN 610


  • MBA 620

  • MGMT 640


  • CBR 600

  • DBA 600

  • DBA 810

  • DCL 600M

  • DCL 600T

  • MGMT 650

  • PRO 600

  • PSYC 300