Portfolio enables you to identify and document the college-level learning you have gained from your life experiences—through work (paid and volunteer), community or political activities, and other experiences outside the classroom—and gain credit for it.


To be eligible for Portfolio, you must  

  • Be pursuing an undergraduate degree at UMGC
  • Complete a Portfolio application
  • Provide an up-to-date Academic Advisement Report (AAR) no more than six months old

Applying for Portfolio

To apply, go to Prior Learning in MyUMGC.

Portfolio Courses

Enrollment in EXCL 301 Learning Analysis and Planning is required. In this 3-credit course, you prepare a portfolio describing and documenting college-level learning gained from past experiences. Because EXCL 301 is a demanding and complex course, you should not register for more than one other course during the session in which you are enrolled in EXCL 301.

If you successfully complete EXCL 301 with a grade of S (satisfactory) and submit a portfolio for evaluation, you may enroll in a supplemental class (EXCL 001) to complete additional portfolios. EXCL 001 confers no credit and may not be applied toward degree completion. If you take this option, you may not target courses for which you were denied credit in EXCL 301.


EXCL 301 is graded on an S/D/F basis. If the quality of work in the portfolio merits a grade of C or higher, a grade of S is awarded and the portfolio is forwarded for credit evaluation. Faculty members from the appropriate disciplines assess the portfolio and recommend whether to award credits. Credit earned as a result of portfolio evaluation also earns a grade of S. The S grade is not computed in the grade point average and is not applicable toward honors.

If the quality of work in the portfolio merits a grade of D or lower, the portfolio will not be forwarded for credit evaluation.

Credit Awards

Experiential-learning credits may be awarded at both the upper and lower levels. Awarded credits are considered resident credit. These credits are considered UMGC resident credit. However, they do not fulfill requirements for standard graded coursework and so may not exceed half the total credits for a major, minor, or certificate.

Tuition and Fees

Credit for EXCL 301 is charged at the current tuition rate. Golden ID students and those receiving financial aid or veterans education benefits must pay all Portfolio fees.

Tuition in EXCL 301 includes evaluation of up to three targeted courses. An evaluation fee of $150 will apply to all classes beyond the first three targeted in EXCL 301 and to all courses targeted in EXCL X001.

Students should carefully review the requirements, rules, and procedures for Portfolio.