You must meet the following criteria to apply for the Course Challenge:

  • Having an official evaluation (See policy).
  • Being well informed of all other Credit-By-Exam options.
  • A GPA of more than 2.0 (See policy).
  • Having no overdue balances on your UMGC Student Account.

In addition, you are not permitted to participate in Course Challenge if:

  • You wish to challenge a freshman or sophomore-level language course in your native language (See policy).
  • You have previously earned a grade (including a 'W' or 'I') in the course you wish to challenge (See policy).
  • You are attempting to challenge a course that would act as a prerequisite for any course you have already taken.

Terms of Agreement

  • UMGC is not responsible for determining students' prior knowledge or preparation for these examinations. Approval to take examinations does not guarantee award of credit; other conditions, such as appropriate score, must be satisfied. All information on credit-by-exam is subject to change without notice.
  • Submission of the application constitutes your agreement to having the nonrefundable course challenge fee (current UMGC tuition) charged to your student account.
  • Submission of the application constitutes your awareness and acknowledgment that the course challenge process can take four months or more for completion.

If you have read and understand these terms, please take this short quiz confirming that you have read and meet the criteria to apply, after which you will be able to apply.