The resume is one of the most important items in your job search toolkit. Think of yourself as the brand and your resume as a powerful marketing piece that sells your most important qualifications and how they relate to the position you want.

Resume Writing Rules

There are no absolute rules or required format when it comes to resume writing aside from the requirement that your document be error free and truthful. Beyond that all rules are more like guidelines or customary practices that may be broken if you have a compelling reason.

What is most important in resume writing is that you strategically represent yourself in a clear, concise, professional manner. Present your most important qualifications relevant to the needs of the marketplace and the desired position.

A great resume:

TIP: Avoid this resume mistake!

A resume is not a biography and need not include details about everything you have done. Be strategic in deciding what to include and what to leave out. 

Some job hunters hope that by listing all of their skills, education, and experiences, that the employer will find the perfect fit and offer them the perfect job. It is quite the opposite. Employers expect you to communicate what you can do for them, to help them achieve their hiring needs and objectives.

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