Functional Resume
Career Highlights and Technical Skills

If the position you are applying for requires strong technical skills then you could insert this section immediately after the objective or professional profile.

This section could include:


Focus on your most important technical proficiencies as they pertain to your desired position. If your technical information is extensive, just list the highlights or most applicable skills with the heading "Technical Highlights." The remainder of the information can be included in a comprehensive technical skills section toward the end of the resume.

If all of your technical skills are derived primarily through education with little or no work experience, consider positioning the technical skills section as a subsection under your Education section. Consider using qualifiers such as "academic knowledge of...," "understanding of...," "hands-on experience with..." proficient, or novice as appropriate.

NOTE: If you are in a field that is unrelated to technology, the technical skills may not warrant their own section at the top of your resume. Instead they could be mentioned as part of a profile section, or in a skills section near the end of the resume.

Example: Proficient with Microsoft Word, Access, Excel and PeopleSoft.

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