Five Things to Remember

Keep the following pointers in mind when writing the Employment Experience section of your resume.

  1. Use bulleted sentences. This format makes it easier for your potential employer to quickly scan your resume while still absorbing the content.

  2. Use action words. This gives your statements strength and power and helps the resume to pop! Examples include: developed, prepared, managed, created and presented.

  3. Use numbers, dollars, and percentages whenever possible.  This really helps your resume to stand out.

  4. Lead with your strengths. Resumes are typically reviewed in 30 seconds, so put your best qualities first!

  5. Match the company language. Use keywords and phrases that match the company and industry. Many times resumes are reviewed by a "gate keeper" or a computer that is not familiar with the position requirements.  They will scan the resume for key words and phrases that match the description.  In order to get called for the interview you must get past the gate keeper!


  • Don't forget that your volunteer experience counts!


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