Before continuing with your experience or work history section consider whether you want to present your education section first.

Lead with your strongest information. If you are a new graduate or and experienced worker looking to leverage your degree for career advancement or transition, list your education first.

Chronological Resume

This section is the most important part of your resume and will take the most time to write. An effective format for writing your experience is to list your accomplishments and describe your contributions using short bulleted phrases that begin with strong action verbs.

This section could be called employment, work history employment history, experience, professional experience with some variation thereof. In addition to formal employment, it could also include internships or significant unpaid experience if not listed elsewhere on your resume.

For each experience on a chronological resume, include the following:


Project Manager, ABX Corp., Washington, D.C.           06/20XX-07/20XX


  • Lead with your relevant strengths.
  • Use keywords and phrases that match the company's position description and industry terminology.
  • It is not necessary to include information about everything you did. Be thoughtful and strategic about your content.
  • Begin bulleted statements with a strong, specific action verb.
  • Use present tense for your current position, past tense for all other.
  • Refrain from using pronouns such as "I" or phrases that begin with "Responsible for" or "Duties included."
  • Provide quantifiable information, details and context which demonstrate your contribution (for example: Managed a team of 6, Exceeded standards by 35%, Held sales loss to 2% in a market where average decline was 7%.)
  • Too many bullet points dilute your most important information (and discourage the reader). Concentrate on presenting only your most important information.
  • Typically, your most recent position is the most important. The older the position, the less info is needed.


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