On-campus interviews bring together University of Maryland Global Campus students and alumni with companies seeking to hire for full-time positions and/or internships. Interviews are held at the Academic Center at Largo.

Types of On-Campus Interviews

There are two ways to be selected for and participate in an on-campus interview. Note: Employers, not Career Services, select the type of interviews they will schedule.

  • Be Pre-Selected by an Employer
    Pre-selected candidates are screened by employers in advance and selected to participate in the company’s interviewing schedule. Generally, employers pre-select candidates after meeting them at UMGC job fairs, reviewing resumes or profiles in CareerQuest or reviewing a resume submission to a job posted in CareerQuest.
  • Select an Open Interview Session
    Open interview sessions allow any interested candidate to sign up for an interview with a company. To see which employers are holding interviews on campus, log into your CareerQuest account and select "Schedules" from the top menu.

On-Campus Interview Schedules

Students and alumni can search for jobs and sign up for on-campus interviews in CareerQuest. After you have logged into CareerQuest, select "Job Search" on the top menu. Search for interview schedules specifically by selecting "Schedules" on the top menu.

Confirming Your Interview

After you are selected for an on-campus interview, you will receive a confirmation from Career Services or the employer. Your confirmation will include details about the interview and steps to follow when checking in the day of your interview.

  • Location: Interviews are held at the Academic Center at Largo, 1616 McCormick Drive, Largo, MD 20774.
  • Check-in: Students and alumni will be required to sign in and show a valid ID at the security desk. You may then proceed to the Office of Career Services, Room 1500, to check in.

Preparing for the Interview

Career Services recommends you prepare for your interview by researching the employer, practicing your verbal and non-verbal communication skills and updating your resume.

The following resources can assist you with preparing:

  • Research the company. Company profiles are available in CareerQuest.

Dressing for Success

Professional attire is required in all interviewing situations, including on-campus interviews.

The following articles provide guidance on professional attire:

Following Up After the Interview

After the interview, you should contact the employer directly to thank the interviewer for his or her time and follow up about the position.

If you accept an offer, we ask that you notify Career Services of your success. Log into your CareerQuest account, and select "Report a Hire" on the left menu under "I Want To ..."

Reporting Problems

Although rare, if you experience any employer practices that may violate professional or ethical practices, please report the incident to Career Services immediately.